Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Writing The Pages - INTRO

If you notice, at least as of right now, my profile picture is an opened book with blank pages. I chose that for a very special reason. I believe every day of our lives we begin with a blank page in our book called "Life." Every day we choose what gets written upon those pages by the actions we do, the thoughts that we think, and the choices we pursue before God. Therefore, in this blog, I will be sharing with you a portion of that which I "write" every single day in my own book called "Life."
I hope this blog will be God-centered, profitable, entertaining, and especially thought provoking. Please feel free to make comments and I will attempt to keep up to date with everything as much as possible.


  1. Do I have to post comments????:-)


  2. I shall leave you a comment.

  3. People in the DogPound are nothing but noobs.

  4. And I'm so glad--I'd never fit in otherwise! :)