Monday, April 13, 2009


I wanted to just vent a frustration that I know is really kind of pointless, but its annoying me anyway so here goes. I am utterly tired of newscaster, show hosts, etc, etc, etc, ad-nauseam continually parading their drinking habits, and outright drunkenness, before literally thousands of people like it is hilarious. I know that this is part of the world that we live in, but I very much miss the days of my childhood when you could watch the news without having to deal with their personal lives of sin being involved.

I have also become very annoyed at the fact that I cannot sit down and watch/listen to a news/talk show without having to deal with their foul language. It was bad enough when it was simply euphamisisms, but as our society has "progressed" (actually regressed) it has become much more publically acceptable to curse at thousands of people with no shame (remind anyone of Jer. 6:15?) .

t amazes me that people who sit before thousands of people every day feel licensed to do these things when it is even against company policy at all Walmart/Sam's Club chains in the country to curse in front of a customer.
But, I believe I know why. If a customer gets perturbed with Walmart, they'll go shop somewhere else. When they get perturbed with the news anchors, but they happen to be the news anchors who deliver the "viewpoints" that they like to hear, then they have a "vested interest." Because of that vested interest, people (even Christians) will permit themselves to "endure" the filth for the sake of the news.

It bothers me that so many of us are willing to do this, but we seem to be less and less separate from the world, even as the world goes further and further from a moral stance.
Well... I've rambled on long enough. If any of you have thoughts, or maybe some solutions, I'd love to hear them. God bless!


  1. My solution was to no longer get TV service when I moved here. Although that may have had more to do with the fact that it saves us from spending money on something that we don't need, it still solves that problem.

    When I lived at home I would watch the news and don't remember hearing foul language and the suchlike, but maybe you are referring more to the talk shows? I remember the news being people dressed nice behind a desk giving serious reports on things, but maybe it has changed in just 2 years?

    There is more daily news available on the internet than anyone could ever possibly read through. When I want news I just read the headlines on Google, etc. -- so one solution would be to look there for the news.

  2. What news do you watch?? I don't remember ever seeing any stuff like you are talking about.

  3. Sorry for taking so long to reply ya'll!!!

    The shows that produced the derision on my part first were "morning shows" like Good Morning America-esc shows/Fox and Friends/The Today Show/etc. (I know, this doesn't "officially" fall into the "news" per se). And then also stuff on Fox News Channel. I "enjoy" watching Glenn Beck because of the focus on things that the majority of the "news" doesn't cover, but at the same time get tired of Glenn Beck for being the "religious" Catholic that he is.

    I am honestly all for no tv... mostly because I find it equally addicting, disturbing, and enjoyable... which means I can (and have) easily squander countless hours accomplishing nothing while being glued to the world's portrayal of insanity.

    In the "mainstream" media, it is less pronounced, but continually creeping in at more progressive rates from what I have seen. Anyway, off to another subject. :-)