Saturday, April 3, 2010



Glenn Beck of late has spent much time saying, "the paradigm is about to shift" in America.

Whether you agree with him in his political views or not, I think most of us agree--Congress does not REPRESENT America anymore!
I have been active with a group for a few months whose desire is to change that--GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House - pronounced "go" -
I have personally meet Tim Cox the founder of this organization.

They have 1 main goal:
1.) Replace EVERY member of the 435 members of House of Rep's with a TRUE Representative OF the People, BY the People.

They have 2 main demands:
1.) Those nominated for office through the goooh PROCESS all sign a legally binding Q & A as to how they will vote on issues if sent to Washington and can only change that agreement with consent of goooh members in their district.
2.) The institution of a 2-term limit for all members of the House of Rep's.

Here's the PARADIGM SHIFT - Until now, we (GOOOH) have been working virtually alone. No Longer!!! As of this week, the leadership of the Constitution Party has asked all of their members to support GOOOH! (press release below)
PLEASE, go to and check out this true opportunity to take America back!
One personal note: Isn't it time we got some TRUE NT Christian's into Washington?! (Pro. 14:34a)

In Christ,


If you have any questions concerning GOOOH, please contact me!

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